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TNA 'Impact Wrestling' cancelled by SpikeTV: Contract up in October

IMPACT Wrestling is without a home come October.
IMPACT Wrestling is without a home come October.
TMZ / SpikeTV

In some news that could turn the wrestling world upside-down, the number two company behind WWE may soon be without a TV home. TMZ reported on July 28, 2014, that "Impact Wrestling" has indeed been cancelled by SpikeTV as the company's contract will not be renewed.

While this may be news to everyone else, it doesn't appear to be brand new information to those behind TNA's focus show "Impact Wrestling."

It appears as if TNA President Dixie Carter had been informed of this information late last week. The day after it was broken to her, she broke the news to the rest of those at the top of the chain in TNA. WrestleZone reported that Carter had a meeting early on Sunday to regard the company's future.

The meeting was said to be held at the company's Nashville headquarters, but no-one from SpikeTV was said to be there. This meeting was supposedly between just those involved with TNA.

As of now, the current deal for TNA's "Impact Wrestling" runs through sometime in October, but having now cancelled the show, there's no telling if it will even run that long.

SpikeTV has not yet officially announced the cancellation of "Impact Wrestling." They also haven't said anything about when the last show will air either. It's been airing on SpikeTV since it's debut back in october of 2005.

Rumors persisted that both sides were trying to come to some kind of agreement, but that doesn't appear to be the case. As of this time, it truly appears as if "Impact Wrestling" has been cancelled, and it's days on SpikeTV is extremely numbered.

There is no telling where the company would try to go from here and land a television deal, but something needs to be done quickly.

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