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TNA Genesis '14 results

TNA Genesis '14
TNA Genesis '14
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Tonight, Thursday, January 16, was the ninth annual Final Resolution event, presented by TNA Wrestling. However unlike the previous eight Genesis events, this show was not held on pay per view. Rather tonight’s previously taped show was broadcast during the usual two-hour Impact Wrestling timeslot. The event was held in the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Because the show was treated like a pay per view event (like July’s Destination X, August’s Hardcore Justice, September’s No Surrender, November’s Turning Point and December’s Final Resolution) here are the results from tonight’s live show.

Rockstar Spud opened the show to introduce TNA President Dixie Carter. She talked down Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles and then introduced TNA World Champion Magnus. Magnus came out with World Championship belts after beating AJ Styles to become undisputed Champion and presented a belt to Dixie. They then called out their allies, including Bobby Roode, Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels & Kazarian), Zema Ion, TNA World Tag Tem Champions The BroMans (Jesse & Robbie), TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim and Lei’d Tapa. Ethan Carter III got his own special entrance but before he could talk he was interrupted by Sting up at the top of the building.

Back from commercial, Sting said TNA was a house divided and then his allies, including Joseph Park, Eric Young, ODB, James Storm, Gunner and Samoa Joe ran to the ring, and a brawl ensued.

Back from another break, Joe and company were still in the ring looking for a fight, so Rockstar Spud booked a twelve person tag match immediately.

Samoa Joe, Eric Young, Joseph Park, Gunner, James Storm & ODB beat Zema Ion, The BroMans, Bad Influence & Lei’d Tapa in a twelve person tag. Joe made Daniels tap out to the Kokina Clutch.

Backstage, Velvet Sky chatted with Austin Aries. TNA X-Division Champion Chris Sabin showed and asked why Velvet was talking to him.

Backstage, Kurt Angle stormed the halls looking for Dixie.

In the ring Sabin berated Velvet. This led to Aries coming to the ring. They then made a match for next week with Aries challenging Sabin for the TNA X-Division Championship with Velvet locked in a cage ringside to prevent interference. Velvet implied she would leave with the winner.

Backstage, Angle still stormed around.

Backstage, TNA agent Pat Kenney talked to a cameraman and then bumped into newcomer Samuel Shaw. Kenney congratulated Shaw on his victory two weeks ago but told him not to worry about Christy Hemme so much. Shaw responded by pummeling Kenney with his own shoe.

In his locker room, EC3 warmed himself up for his bout with Sting. Magnus showed up and gave him a backhanded pep talk.

Bully Ray pinned Mr. Anderson in a No Disqualifications Match after hitting a piledriver.

Backstage, Kurt Angle found Al Snow in catering and threatened him and attacked him after rushing him to the airport suddenly last week.

Angle find came to the ring and called out Dixie about that stunt she pulled where she made up an emergency about his family and had Al Snow drive him to the airport. Dixie said she was afraid Angle would’ve made “the wrong decision” last week on Impact and wanted to protect him. The two argued back and forth and Dixie postponed Angle’s cage match with Bobby Roode until next week. She then had security remove Angle from the building, but not before he attacked them.

Backstage Gail Kim and Lei’d Tapa attacked Madison Rayne during her interview Jeremy Borash.

Madison Rayne pinned Gail Kim to win the TNA Knockouts Championship.

Backstage, Sting told his allies to stay away from the ring tonight so they don’t jeopardize themselves.

Backstage, Dixie met with “The Wolves” (an unnamed Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards) and talked a tryout match for the duo next week. They said they were past the tryout stage and said a new TNA investor signed them this morning.

In the main event, Ethan Carter III pinned Sting in the main event thanks to a roll up and a quick pinfall and a pinfall from Magnus, who jumped in as a surprise referee. Rockstar Spud was the original special guest referee.

After the break, Sting challenged Magnus to another match. Magnus agreed only if Sting agreed if he put his career on the line. Next week Sting will challenge Magnus for the TNA World Title with his career at stake.

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