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TMZ's Harvey Levin sings it his way without permission

Captain of Celebrity Calamity
Captain of Celebrity Calamity

Loyal TMZ Live viewers were treated to an impromptu auditory performance by none other than the Captain of Celebrity Calamity, Harvey Levin. Harvey sang "My Way" written by Paul Anka and famously recorded by the late great, one and only Frank Sinatra.

Donning a hat and a used butted cigarette, Harvey seemed to forget himself in his quest for vocal glory and sang the song without the express permission of it's rightful owner. Yes, at one point our little Harvey stood tall on his chair and then suddenly in a panic, Harvey cut the live show off and hustled off to call Mr. Anka and beg for forgiveness. It seems Mr. Anka was very gracious and not only gave his permission but on the next installment of TMZ LIVE complimented Harvey on his tone and offered to record it. Seems it really is easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.

TMZ staffers groaned in agony as they realized in horror that Harvey would now be encouraged to continue with his quest for vocal glory and not just in a dark Karaoke joint. In the video you can tell Harvey won't be discouraged from following his singing career by his fellow staffers good natured ribbing.

To see the whole thiing play out check out TMZ LIVE.