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TLC's Kate Plus 8 - Gosselin custody documents surface on the web

Kate Gosselin on the cover of her book
Kate Gosselin on the cover of her book


  • Annie 5 years ago

    The document that is posted here shows that Jon filed contempt of court on 1/6/2011. Kate filed her own contempt of court charges on 1/14/2011. TMZ reported that Kate filed contempt of court charges on 1/10/2011. That is most likely the date that the papers were submitted to the court. It can take a few days for them to be entered into the system.

  • Profile picture of anon23
    anon23 5 years ago

    TMZ reported that Kate filed her contempt petition "last Thursday" which would have been 1/6 - the day Jon filed his contempt petition. Seems they were getting their bad info from someone on Kate's side. It doesn't take 8 days for the docket entries to be entered. Bad reporting

  • Profile picture of anon23
    anon23 5 years ago

    AND anyone can get the docket by going to the Berks County courthouse. The docket is not sealed . . . just the actual documents they are filing.

  • Elissa 5 years ago

    I guess anon23 doesn't have any reading comprehensive skills.
    Try reading the article again.

  • Beth 5 years ago

    The author of this article did not read the document closely. On the second page, under docket summery it says

    1/6/2011 Pltf Jonathan's Petition for Contempt of Custody Order with Proposed Order

    The proposed order is in regards to

    12/16/2010 Deft Katie's Emergency Petition for Special Relief with proposed order

    The proposed order is probably for the trip to Australia. I wonder why it took Kate so long to apply for Special Relief of the custody agreement.

  • Kate sux 5 years ago

    Dig a little deeper, Rachel. Kate has already been found in contempt...back in October 2009. Probably due to money SHE took out of their joint account right around the time she went on tv and blabbed that Jon 'stole' money from her and she couldn't pay her bills. Jon won and Kate had to replace the money she took out...$100,000. You're on the right track.

  • Patrick 5 years ago

    You are either honestly mistaken, or you are trying to re-write history. Jon was ordered to replace the money he stole, not Kate. She was not even required to produce an accounting of her family's expenditures when Jon's lawyer demanded one. He had to replace every dime he stole, and Hayley Glassman reported that she had to lend him the money to do it. He was earning nothing, and spending his family's money on girls, travel, and entertainment. Not pretty.

  • jibberjabbers 5 years ago

    Kate was FIRST order to replaced the money SHE STOLE FROM JON.... Kate took 100k before the divorce. SHE admitted this on The Today Show.. The same day she cried about Jon taking money. Also, the same day she said she wanted to buy a Mother of Pearl ring after crying about the BILLS.

    What a freaking tool.

  • sue 5 years ago

    There is still a judge who allowed this woman to take all those kids out of school so she could maintain her lifestyle. They all need to be in school not working for mom.
    At this point who cares who filed what when and who took money when, let's get the issue back to the kids. They are what is important here and their education and social skills are sorely lacking at this point.
    Maybe Jon would be the better parent for all of them at this point in their life. Afterall, the parenting they are receiving from Kate is not helping them so far.

  • dessertgirl434 5 years ago

    Where is Kate now? Did they return from Australia/NZ? I would have thought that there would be mention and photos of them returning. What is happening with their schooling? Perhaps they have all been expelled and that the children will be kept behind the gates with Kate as their teacher.

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