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TLC Kate Plus 8 - Kate Gosselin's baby daddy's work history

Kate Gosselin Book Cover
Kate Gosselin Book Cover

TLC reality star, Kate Gosselin’s baby daddy is stirring up gossip columns this week with on again, off again stories of employment. The Jon job story first hit the net in early December of 2010 and before it made it’s way around the web the latest news is that he has already quit that job. The job is rumored to be a sales job with a property management company specializing in green solutions.

On December 10th Jon was spotted doing a sales pitch at a Pennsylvania fraternity. Rumorfix is reporting that Job quit the job because the travel was too much. If you read comments from people following Jon's girlfriend’s twitter you find out he was making sales calls from home.

To get to the bottom of the Jon job story let's start from the beginning. Kate’s baby daddy has an interesting “job” history. When we first met Jon we found out he had an IT Analyst position but lost that when Kate was carrying the sextuplets. Jon says he was laid off so the employer did not have to fork out for the health care benefits but the employer told a magazine Jon was fired for misusing company resources.

Next we learned that Jon was working for the government in IT but he quit to work from home, for family friend Bob Carson the husband of Beth Carson. Kate and Beth co-wrote a book together.

Of course we all know Jon was employed with TLC to film the show and eventually he would call himself a stay at home Dad. Sadly that did not work out well as Jon and TLC ended up suing each other and Kate was the one who kept the actual TV job.

Jon has bad job karma as he is reported to have offered Kate Major a job so she quit her Star reporting job and then ended up unemployed and in the arms of Lindsay Lohan’s Dad.

Jon apparently encouraged his soul mate Hailey Glassman to get a boob job, which is a very different kind of job but I bet Jon handled it well. Right about the time Jon had his hands full of Hailey’s job he told the world he was too famous to get a real job.

In April of last year Kate got a job Dancing With The Stars when the unemployed Jon decided he should have primary custody. Jon denies this and insists he had actually fired Anthony List from his job as Jon’s lawyer. He also added he would like a job as a television spokesperson.

The next time we hear about Jon and a job is when his girlfriend tried to get someone fired from their Taco Bell job. There is also a completely bogus Jon Gosselin job application for Starbucks at TV Munchies. The Spoof is reporting that Jon has a job he really likes at Starbucks.

Let’s all hope that Jon has kept this job as the guy really needs a break. My call, is that Jon might not have been very good at doing the sales pitch in front of prospective clients and has decided to work the phones for sales leads and then pass them off to someone more comfortable doing presentations.

I did call his employer but it was only voice mail and there was no employee list to select from.


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