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TLC Jon & Kate Plus 8 Hailey Glassman hopes Jon Gosselin marries new girlfriend - video

Hailey Glassman on the cover of Steppin' Out magazine
Hailey Glassman on the cover of Steppin' Out magazine
Steppin' Out

Jon Gosselin's ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman is hoping Jon will ask his new girlfriend Morgan Christie to marry him so he can afford to pay Hailey back the $200,000 dollars she says he owes her.

See video of the interview below.

Hailey sat down with her lawyer and told that she is going after Jon for the money he owes her.  She says she has signed documents and that Jon has two choices.  He can either pay her back right away through their lawyers or she will take him to court and and then he can pay out even more money to lawyers.

Hailey hasn't lost her sense of humor.  Knocking on the table and then asking, "Hey Jon do you know who that is at your door?  That's karma knocking."

Asked if she would ever go back with Jon she quipped, "No I would rather be happy"

Source: Hollywood Life


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