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Tkach: Is keeping Christmas a sin?


  • Profile picture of David W. Thornton
    David W. Thornton 5 years ago

    Interesting article, and, while you do make some good points, I have to disagree with your premise.

    A recent article ( disputes the notion that December 25 was selected on the basis of pagan celebrations. An astronomical study of the Bible indicates that the Magi may have seen the star of Bethlehem on Dec. 25, 2 BC.

    Further, the origin of the Christmas tree is also uncertain. One story relates to St. Boniface in Germany who chopped down Thor's oak. When a fir tree grew in the center of the oak stump, he took the fir to be a symbol of Christ and said "let Christ be at the center of your households" (

    Finally, with respect to Santa, we have many Christian friends who do not practice "Santa gift giving." Nevertheless, the practice commemorates the charity and giving spirit of St. Nicholas, whose generosity was based in Christian love. We teach our kids that Santa gives gifts to commemorate Jesus' birth. When we give gifts as Santa, it isn't necessarily a lie, but it isn't the whole truth either.

    I do agree that Christmas is not as theologically important as Easter, but that doesn't make celebrating it sinful. I don't believe that celebrating the birth of our Saviour could be inherently sinful, but will stipulate that some celebratory practices could be sinful.

  • Profile picture of David W. Thornton
    David W. Thornton 5 years ago

    One other thing: Think of all the focus on Christ during the Christmas season. Christmas carols celebrating Jesus are ubiquitous. Linus reads the Bible on national network TV. People who never darken the door of a church come to Christmas services to hear the gospel

    Then read John 10:21.

    David Thornton
    Atlanta Conservative Examiner.

  • Profile picture of Bob Thiel
    Bob Thiel 5 years ago

    Thank you for your comments.

    In all due respect, while some want to suggest that there were other reasons for December 25, the reality is that it was celebrated as the birthday of Mithras. And Emperor Constantine observed it as a follower of Mithras, and got the Church of Rome to accept many things that are outside of the Bible.

    Also, the Christmas tree certainly was not used by early Christians.

    You and I will have to agree to disagree about the effectiveness of proclamation through carols this time of year. I believe that blending pagan practices with the Bible should not a major Christian position.

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