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TJ Maxx & Michael Kors = WIN


Michael Kors Patent Leather Pumps

Along with my shoe addiction comes a passion for getting bargains on items. I'm a firm believer that paying full price for an item is a last resort. This is why I try to be smart with my shoe shopping and peruse not only the internet for deals, but department stores and discount stores. I am a HUGE fan of TJ Maxx because of their collection to designer items for much less. Some people can't deal with TJ Maxx because sometimes, it seems disorganized. Well, their shoe section is put together, with them arranged by size. Over the years, I've snagged a lotta nice shoes from there for much less than I would have picked them up if I went to Macy's or some other retail store.

My latest purchase from the TJ Maxx shoe department really excited me. I was taking one of my random walks down State Street, and I walked into the TJ Maxx that's on Madison & State. That store is huge and sometimes overwhelming but I headed straight to my favorite section: SHOES!

I found some awesome classic Black patent leather pumps. Picked them off the rack and tried them on. They fit perfectly and were super comfortable. I took them off and looked inside and saw that they were Michael Kors. I was excited by this because MK isn't just a judge on Project Runway, but a legendary designer of his own right. So I thought these shoes would be out my range but I still turned them over to see the price tag. These heels were on clearance for $40, and they retailed for $300! I was choiceless in the matter and had to get them. This kind of a deal is why I love TJ Maxx.

For more info: Visit Although you can't place orders on their website, you can locate a TJ Maxx near you. To contact me with any suggestions of stores to check out in Chicago, email me at


  • PBG in DC 5 years ago

    I'm a big fan of TJMaxx shoes & accessories as well. I can always find something in my shoe size (a 6, and no, I'm not a 3rd grader!)LOL! Almost every designer bag I have came from "The Maxx" as I so affectionately call it. They still have layaway. In these TETs, it is oh so necessary! Congrats on the shoe win!

  • BH in Chicago, 5 years ago

    TJMaxx has to modernize their computer capabilities so that they know everything they have in their inventories. This would be helpful to a customer looking for a specific item and size. This would make them more competitive as other stores offer this service to their customers.