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TJ Broscoff-The Break

The Break, the 2013 sophomore release from Country music’s TJ Broscoff, features 13 tracks regarding love loss, love gained, battles of addiction, amongst many other topics. TJ Broscoff states, “The Break was a challenging album to put together, but I feel the hard work really paid off on it. My producer (Bill Green) and I worked for months getting it right. The album talks about many things in my life with the underlying theme of (waiting for the other shoe to drop) if you will.” Stand-out tracks on the album include “Twenty More Dollars” and “God Don’t Live Here”.

The track “Twenty More Dollars” is a song of addiction as Broscoff sings, “…I’m losing at this battle, but I’m gonna win the fight/There’s something to be said about insanity in life…/” Through this song, Broscoff is able to sing of his personal struggles in life. He states, “Music is healing, music is therapy, music is what makes our souls feel.” Broscoff continues, “Music was the only thing for me personally that I had left. Music was the vessel that allowed me to get all the dirt out of my dirty soul and allowed me to start taking inventory of what the real TJ was all about.”

Broscoff’s personal challenges and achievements were nationally broadcast on the CW’s network show “Troubadour, TX”. The one-hour show took a behind-the-scenes look at the personal lives and careers of singers, songwriters, and bands. On an episode showcasing Broscoff, the musician explains, “I think somewhere along the lines I figured that being a drunk and a drug addict was different.” He continues, “I quit music all-together. I completely just abandoned music and was a junkie.” At one point, Broscoff came to the realization that the addiction was not worth it as he thought, “I can’t do this. I’m all alone. I can’t do drugs.” As soon as he recognized the addiction, Broscoff recalls, “Fireworks started going off over the bridge and I started crying.” This would eventually lead to a stint in rehab followed by a full and successful recovery for the musician.

Through his story, Broscoff has been able to inspire fans and listeners alike. He recalls, “I remember a while back I came off stage and an older gentleman with his adult son stopped me and shook my hand. The father said, ‘Thank you for telling your story and writing down the words so many are ashamed to write down. Because of your music and sharing your story, I have a son again.’”

On the slow-beat track “God Don’t Live Here”, Broscoff showcases lyrics with a personal approach as he sings of the current challenges of the world. As he sings the lyrics, “…Our country was strong, safe, and secure/We trusted our neighbors, the kids played next door/White picket fences gave way to dead bolts and doors/God don’t live here no more…/”, listeners are reminded of the harsh realities that the current society experiences as a whole. Broscoff explains the idea behind the track, “It is a very special song for me. The lyrics talk about how I view our country in its current state.”

Born and raised in Irving, Texas, TJ Broscoff got his start by becoming the first chair of the Irving Boy’s Choir. Shortly after, at the tender age of 13, he would pick up his first Guitar. With musical influences such as Jackson Browne and Hank Williams, Broscoff was able to use these musical inspirations as he honed and perfected his own writing style and instrumentations.

In 2010, he would go on to release the debut album Ready To Fly. Broscoff recalls, “The album was extremely personal and putting it all out there for others to see and hear was both exciting and terrifying.” The album release would help the musician earn nominations for “New Male Vocalist Of The Year” and “Album Of The Year” at the 2012 Texas Radio Music Awards Show. To find out more about TJ Broscoff and his music, please visit

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