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Tizen, "The OS of Everything"

Tizen Developer Conference
Tizen Developer Conference

A smart TV capable of running Tizen OS was on display at the keynote of this year’s Tizen Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco. The third annual technical conference began on Tuesday June 2nd, 2014, a symposium for Tizen developers, as well as Platform designers, Hardware vendors, App developers and Software vendors, among others.

The prototype revealed by Samsung, Tuesday, includes a motion-controlled remote. This remote, similar to Roku 3’s remote, also allows users to play games on the big screen. The interesting feature that makes the Tizen TV unique is that you can use any of your mobile devices as the remote control for the television. You do not even have to download an App to do so. To set it up, you simply connect your mobile device to the exact same Wi-Fi as your television, and use your smartphone to navigate to a website. In turn, the website makes the device work like an oversized touchpad to make your way through the television screen. As well, it allows you to turn the volume up and down, or change the channel via your phone.

The Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics, Jong-Deok Choi, told observers the 65-inch smart TV would be on the market in the near future. Choi also showed off a number of other devices already powered by Tizen’s open-source software. They include a couple of cameras and the Gear 2 smartwatch.

The company’s open-source software is Linux-based, and made to power a number of Internet-connected devices in the future. Other options include everything from consumer electronics to home appliances, cars and wearable gadgets. Backed by Samsung and Intel, it’s estimated by 2020 there will be up to 50 million of these software-powered devices in the world.

In an effort to help convince developers, both Intel and Samsung plan to give all conference attendees a Gear 2 smartwatch and a mini computer. Cash prizes are also available for developers who come up with the best apps for Gear 2 and the smartphone.

The Tizen Conference wraps up on Thursday at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square.

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