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Tito Ortiz arrested for domestic violence, Jameson pressing charges

The MMA world has been in shock today over the news and video of former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz being removed from his home today by Huntington Beach police and placed into the back of a squad car. 
It appears that at 9:53 am PT a call from the residence was made that "a boyfriend had pushed his girlfriend down." Several units responded and posted the video of Ortiz with his hands cuffed under a jacket and telling the camera that he is going to "Teach them some jiu jitsu". After the incident, posted another video with Jenna Jameson leaving the residence wearing dark sunglasses and confirming the she is fine and "he is in jail". She let it be known that her children were also fine and she will be pressing charges. UFC president Dana White told TMZ that "We are gonna be fair, but we could cut him." White said they will see if the charges stand before making any decisions.
Tito Ortiz quickly became a trending topic on Twitter today, with many fans displaying their shock over the matter. The voice of the Octagon, Bruce Buffer(@brucebuffer) posted "I am so bummed to read this news on Tito being busted for domestic violence... That's all I can say at this time." Jenna Jameson(@jennajameson) also took to her Twitter account but only to tell fans "I'm sorry to all of my fans, but I'm going to be quitting Twitter. I cant take any more abuse from ANYONE.. To my sweet fans...thank you".
Ortiz is currently being held in lieu of $25,000 bail, which as of press time has not been posted.  Jameson's father, who was at the home at the time of the incident, told TMZ that a restraining order has been placed against Ortiz. This story is still developing and will be updated as more unfolds.

Former light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz
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