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Tithe and Obamacare

The Lord loves a cheerful giver
The Lord loves a cheerful giver

With the onslaught of taxes from Obamacare comes a greedy, hungry monster wanting to gobble up anybody and everybody’s personal funds. Keep in mind that when votes were cast for Obamacare it happened deceptively late one evening.

Just after Christmas, Jingle Bells was not the tune that lingered this year. Instead, it was, You will know what is in it after it is voted in. Well, 2014 has arrived and so has the time come to reveal the lies and deception and trickery. One senator allowed himself to be manipulated. He betrayed his conscience and his state when he believed the lie that abortion would not be in Obamacare.

New taxes will mean less money to spend at the grocery. That is not everything. If the IRS cannot raise enough money, the Federal Troll could eliminate certain deductions.

What effects will the church experience? If the charity deduction is eliminated for people who tithe, what will be the incentive to give each Sunday morning? How will the financial obligations of the church be satisfied? Who will pay the electric bill? How will the pastor and staff get a paycheck?

If church attendees will not be able to claim a deduction April 15, how many of them will continue to give? Will spiritual maturity and gratitude to the Lord be sufficient to inspire people? Not many people give now.

How many future donations will evaporate because of Obamacare? It will be a domino effect. The Federal Troll wants more money. The Troll creates more taxes. With inadequate income from taxes, the Troll will eliminate deductions such as tithe money that has been given to church.

Omega churches will be in trouble. Small churches will be in trouble. It will be a separation of the sheep and the goats; a separation of the devout from the uncommitted. Maybe it will not be a bad idea after all!

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