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Titanic the Experience of a Tragedy

The voyage was oceanic, but could you imagine the panic aboard ship called the Titanic?

Water rushing in with no place to hide, too many people died on that tragic boat ride.

Imagine the freezing water, a father separated from his daughter, lives lost in the slaughter.

A child screams for her dad. People lost all they had. The whole thing is so very sad.

Though some things remain a mystery on that night so blistery, the Titanic exhibit tells history.

There's artifacts from the ship, like dishes missing a chip, and documents of the trip.

Stand at the grand staircase, marvel at the space, and feel as if you're a passenger in place.

You are given a passport. Pretend you are there to consort, and the ship is your resort.

Check your boarding pass. There's accommodations according to class; go en mass.

Are you in a state room? If so, with whom? Hope you brought your bathing costume.

There's a pool on board and so much to be explored; the regal ambiance cannot be ignored.

The show of elegance is like a dream. All is perfect, so it would seem. Wait, hear screams?

What started out so perfect would soon be wrecked. The iceberg, they did not expect.

Feel the massive hunk of ice. Look for a floatation device. Would that hunk of wood suffice?

Waiting stoically are the men. First load the women, along with the precious children.

The lower classes have to wait. They pray about their fate and ponder the mortality rate.

Function under shock and stun; grab hold of your loved one. Water devours the sinking ton.

Pray for a lifeboat. If there's not enough, find something to float. Listen to that music note.

Musicians continue to play, and many continue to pray. Nobody had planned on this day.

Things went awry. Seeing everything, it's hard not to cry. Bring a tissue for tears in the eye.

There are many who grieve. There's one thing to retrieve; check the pass as you leave.

Look at your boarding pass. Find the name and class. Did you survive or die en masse?

Lighten up the gloom. There's staff in lovely period costume, passing you in every room.

Leave hand prints on ice before walking out that last door, and get a memento at the store.

The Titanic Exhibit is located at 7324 International Drive, Orlando, FL. For information on Titanic The Experience, and for an online coupon, visit For reservations at the Titanic Dinner Show, call (407) 248-1166.

The author of more than 100 books, Marisa Williams earned her Master's in Writing at the Johns Hopkins University. For more by Marisa, go to Follow Marisa at

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