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Titanic survivor letter: Maid gives new insights into sinking

A Titanic survivor letter generates new interest in the sinking of the ship.
A Titanic survivor letter generates new interest in the sinking of the ship.
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

A Titanic survivor letter is generating a lot of buzz on the internet. The letter popped up on Reddit, and it is owned by a Florida man. A maid that survived the sinking of the ship penned the letter, and she gave intimate details about the sinking of the ocean liner. On March 26, Yahoo Shine shared comments by Mike Delgado. He is the owner of the letter written by Rose Amélie Icard.

Icard was on the ocean liner as the maid of Martha Evelyn Stone. The maid wrote the letter in 1955, and it contains nine pages. Delgado posted the pages on Reddit when he wanted someone to translate the contents of the account for him. He purchased the letter at a Titanic auction in 2012. He said the following about the letter:

I could have easily called the auction house, but I was on Reddit and decided to just try it that way. I thought other people would appreciate it and enjoy it.

Icard shared her personal account of the events, and she revealed that a story about Mr. and Mrs. Strause. The couple owned Macy's, and the wife would not leave her husband's side. After spending 50 years together, she wanted to die with him.

She also shared the tale of Benjamin Guggenheim. He helped save many women and children, but he did not save himself. Instead, he dressed in his best formal clothes and prepared to die.

Titanic and its sinking has fascinated people for over 100 years, and this new letter is only renewing that interest. People will always wonder about those final hours for the unsinkable ship.

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