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Titanic hoax solved by DNA: Woman claimed she was rich toddler lost on Titanic

A Titanic hoax is finally put to rest with a DNA test after decades of a woman claiming she was the lost daughter of an affluent Canadian family thought to have drown on the Titanic at two-years old. Helen Kramer relentlessly haunted the Allison family claiming she was their long-lost child, Loraine Allison, who was thought to have gone down with the Titanic, according to the New York Daily News on Jan. 20.

Titanic hoax solved with DNA: Woman who claimed she was a baby saved from the Titanic and that she belonged to an affluent Canadian family has finally been proved a fraud.
National Museum of Norther Ireland/ Titanic state room

Her story was that her biological father put her in a lifeboat just as it was being lowered into the sea. He handed her to a man, who she grew up knowing as her father. Right before this man died he told Kramer the true story of how she was rescued from the Titanic. This man was supposedly the ship’s naval architect, Thomas Andrews.

This story could never be collaborated with Andrews because Kramer surfaced with the story after his death. This was long before DNA testing was ever heard of. Through the years she persisted with her story, putting the Allison family ancestors through much pain, claim the descendants of the family today.

When Kramer first came out with this reveal, none of her immediate family believed her, but some of her distant relatives did. The Allison family never believed her story and are happy that the DNA proved what the generations of the family have been saying, it was all about money. If Kramer was indeed the Allison toddler thought lost at sea in the 1912 tragedy, she would be in line for the Allison fortune.

Loraine Allison perished in the Titanic and her little body was never found. This gave Kramer a good foundation to work with. Kramer has been dead since 1992, but a recent DNA test by the Loraine Allison Identification Project put a definitive ending to a bogus story. The DNA test showed that Kramer did not share any DNA with the Allison family.

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