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Titanic Exhibit

The Titanic Exhibit that travels around the world or at the least the United States is filled with old relics and old belongings. When this exhibit is set up, it is made to look like the ship itself. The visitors are given names and at the end they get to see if they survived or not. Visitors can walk past rooms that were recreated to appear just like the original rooms would be. Beds, sheets, toiletries, dolls, and much more are used as decorations. The owners of the exhibit even bring in an ice burge for visitors to touch. The visitors walk through wall to wall artifacts from the sinking of the Titanic that still survived. Along with these artifacts, come spirits.

The rooms are riddled with cold spots and the feeling of someone behind you. Visitors will feel people staring at them when no one is there. There is this sense of people attached to their items.

At the very end, there are four walls of names of people who lived and died on the ship. The walls are filled with photos of people waving good-bye off the Titanic at family and friends. The people within the pictures seem to move and look at you. as if, they are watching you scan your finger down the names to see if you survived, or if you were a part of their world.

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