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‘Titanfall’ Xbox exclusivity, EA partnership and Xbox 360 port discussed

‘Titanfall’ Xbox exclusivity, EA partnership and Xbox 360 port discussed
‘Titanfall’ Xbox exclusivity, EA partnership and Xbox 360 port discussed
Electronic Arts

The exclusivity deal for “Titanfall” apparently “annoyed” Vince Zampella. According to a report from Gamepur on Feb. 12, an industry insider claimed that the contract between Electronic Arts and Microsoft is only for the first game of the franchise. However, the co-founder of Respawn Entertainment was not happy about the transaction. You can find the comments from the insider below:

The deal is one game only. I assume this talk by EA is part of their pitch to Respawn. Vince Zampella seemed visibly annoyed when EA sold the exclusivity to Microsoft.

However, the same individual also believed that Respawn Entertainment would not be leaving Electronic Arts. He explained that the development team does not want to go through the process of find a new publisher. You can find a few screens from “Titanfall” with the gallery on the left side of the article and the insider’s comments below:

That said, if they can get on the same page with EA I think they would rather not jump ship and have to meet hundreds of new people and figure out how they work. Familiarity is big.

Vince Zampella openly expressed his disappointment that an exclusive deal was made between Electronic Arts and Microsoft. “Titanfall” was initially rumored to only be a timed-exclusive release for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One with other potential systems, including the PS4, getting the same video game down the line. However, the new contract has confirmed that the first-person shooter is going to remain a permanent console-exclusive to the Xbox platforms.

Finally, the insider also heard that the Xbox 360 version of the new intellectual property is “very good” despite the recent delay. Instead of coming out along with the PC and Xbox One iterations on March 11th, “Titanfall” will be released on March 24th on the current-generation console.