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'Titanfall' to launch with $30 12-month Xbox LIVE Gold card at Target

Titanfall Target Ad
Titanfall Target Ad
Buying Titanfall at Target will take half of the Xbox LIVE subscription. (Target, Slickdeals)

Titanfall is Microsoft's biggest release to the Xbox One yet and and a Friday leak of an upcoming Target ad reveals that deal hunters will be able to get an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription for half off the regular price.

A poster at the Slickdeals forum shared an image of from the games section of the Sunday, March 9 Target ad. The ad not only shows the upcoming Xbox One and Titanfall bundle for $499.99 but also the option to pick up the game for the next-gen console or PC at $59.99 plus the 12-month Xbox LIVE Gold card for $29.99. This brings the total price for both to $89.98.

You can also throw in a $5 gift card with this deal if you decide to pre-order Titanfall in-store by picking up one of the $1 reservation cards for the game.

This is potentially the best launch day deal for Titanfall so far as a poster at CAG reveals that Best Buy will run a similar deal the week of March 9 but for only $15 off the Xbox LIVE card. However, there is also the $10 Xbox Store gift card available with pre-orders of the game at the Microsoft Store with free launch day delivery.

Titanfall is due to release to both the Xbox One and PC on March 11 with the Xbox 360 version coming March 25. Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts recently hosted a beta play test for both platforms that was largely a success as the servers stabilized after an initial day one issue was resolved and it got the game in hands of a large number of potential buyers. You can check out our impressions of Titanfall from the beta test here.

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