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‘Titanfall’s’ first DLC launches this week on Xbox One and PC

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The first piece of downloadable content is set to release this Thursday for the Xbox One and PC versions of Respawn Entertainment’s mech-filled shooter, Titanfall. The Expedition DLC adds new maps to the first-person title as detailed by a report from Joystiq on May 14.

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Giving fans access to more locations to battle over in the multiplayer-only shooter, Titanfall’s Expedition DLC introduces three additional maps to the game. All of these new areas feature a unique new setting that can’t be found within the base title, thus providing gamers with all new environments to fight both on foot and inside of their giant Titans.

The first of the trio of new maps is called Swampland and is exactly what fans would expect from the area’s title. Swampland is an outdoor map set inside an actual dangerous marsh. The second map, titled Runoff, takes a more urban theme by adding a new industrial-based area. Finally, the Wargames map changes things up by placing players inside of a fully digital world that uses virtual technology to simulate battles.

While the Expedition DLC releases today on Xbox One and PC edition of Titanfall, the add-on won’t become available on the Xbox 360 version of the game until next month. In fact, all downloadable content for Titanfall is expected to see a delayed launch on the Xbox 360 edition.

Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall is out now on PC and is a console exclusive for Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox 360. However, future installments of the franchise aren’t guaranteed to remain exclusive to Xbox consoles. This means that new games in series could actually end up on Playstation systems. The Expedtion DLC will be available on Xbox One and PC starting May 15 and will cost $10. The add-on is also included in the game’s season pass offering.