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'Titanfall' recreated and made playable in 'Minecraft' with 'Ironfall'

Titanfall has been out for the Xbox One and PC for a little less than a month and is hitting the Xbox 360 tomorrow. However, a Reddit user introduced Ironfall on Monday that recreates the game in Minecraft complete with the ability to call down and jump into Titans (actually, Golems).

'Ironfall' Mini-Game Screenshots for 'Minecraft'-slide0

Reddit user thechunknetwork said that they knew that had to try and recreate Titanfall in Minecraft immediately after seeing the first-person shooter in action. Ironfall is still in the process of being built but currently emulates the Attrition multiplayer gametype with two teams of eight players but with a limit of only four Golems that can be called in on each side.

Amazingly, the creators of the mini-game were able to drop the Golems from the sky just like the Titans in Titanfall. Players are then able to hop into Golems with the ability to cause more damage and carry more health but losing the ability to double-jump.

The only map currently available is a Minecraft recreation of Rise but thechunknetwork showed early work of Demeter as well.

Ironfall can currently be played by pointing your copy of Minecraft to You can check out screenshots of the mini-game in our slideshow gallery as well as a video of the mini-game in action from the PrestonPlayz YouTube channel.

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