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‘Titanfall’ received a game update that applies balance changes and server fixes

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Respawn Entertainment has released a new title update for their popular first-person shooter, Titanfall, which introduces several balance adjustments and needed bug fixes. The developer posted the full patch notes for the update on Friday which details all of the changes that have now been applied to the game.

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How many points players earn for completing various in-game actions have now been lowered. Fans will experience a lower point reward for many defensive actions as well as from turning in flags or killing the flag carrier.

Additionally, the update also provide server stability improvements as well as address several known bugs. Players will no longer be able to pass through barriers on certain maps or by ejecting from their Titans. Furthermore, an issue which led to Titans becoming stuck when landing should now be completely fixed.

Titanfall is out now on PC and as a console-exclusive for the Xbox One. The game will also later launch for the Xbox 360. Gamers should be prompted to download Friday’s update, which is now available on all servers, the next time they launch the title. The complete change log can be viewed on Respawn’s forums.

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