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TitanFall producer chimes on the resolution debate

Whats your take on these resolution debates?
Whats your take on these resolution debates?
Respawn Entertainment

The console wars are in full swing and with that, new points of interest have surfaced over the last year for fan's of each respected brand to clamp on to. One of the major players this time around is graphical fidelity. From particle effects to frames per second, gamers have been locking horns over what platform offers the best looking version for each respected title.

A main point of contention has been resolution. With Sony's PlayStation 4 offering up stronger hardware and (reported) easier to use development tool's, often times the PlayStation 4 variant of a multi-platform title has one significant advantage over the Xbox One counterpart; resolution.

Yes, the resolution wars, as ridiculous as they are, have conjured up more debate over the last 6 months than most people would care to admit. Oddly enough, the ones who seem least interested in such debate are the people developing the games, as Respawn Entertainment's Drew McCoy (producer) had some choice words regarding their focus and mentality when developing visuals for their massively successful TitanFall:

"We consciously just decided that we're going to make a game that's fun and new and exciting and then worry about making it as good-looking as we can," he added. "And I don't think we made an ugly game, but no one in the office will tell you we made the prettiest game out there. Or [the one that] runs at the highest resolution."

"We have more that we can do. We're looking at performance stuff on Xbox One; the PC patch added some stuff; and we're working with NVIDIA for some things on PC as well," McCoy said. "At the end of the day we don't really care. People were roasting us because we run at higher than 720p but we're not a solid locked [60fps] yet. And it's like, 'Yeah, well you know what, guess what? The GPU isn't always a thing that limits your frame rate and your performance.' So we hit the highest resolution we could without limiting the GPU."

Choice words from a development studio who famously had their publisher sell exclusive rights of their title to Microsoft just months before actual release. Either way, its an interesting take, given these people actually have hands on development time with the hardware and software fans are always keen to debate.

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