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'Titanfall' poster tips Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC beta test for February

Pictures of Titanfall posters showing Feb. 14 beta date.
Pictures of Titanfall posters showing Feb. 14 beta date.

A closed alpha test for the highly anticipated Titanfall occurred just two weekends ago on the Xbox One which left gamers wondering if there would be a beta test in the near future. A pair of posters spotted by French website Xboxygen on Monday appears to have confirmed just that for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

The posters show a beta date of Feb. 14 through Feb. 19 for all three platforms while a source with the French game site indicates that access to the beta can be obtained via pre-orders. It is unclear if the pre-order access is for all stores or is part of an exclusive deal with GameStop.

Titanfall is currently set for a March 11 release in North America so the beta test will most likely be focused on straightening out any networking issues with the game for the final month of development. From a consumer standpoint, it will be a good time to see which side of the the controversy over the 6 vs 6 competitive multiplayer with AI falls under. Is it the maximum fun number as Respawn Entertainment contends or is it a next-gen disappointment as some gamers on the internet have claimed.

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