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'Titanfall' player grinds to Generation 10 in just over three days

Titanfall - DownTuClown's Stats for Generation 10-slide0

Titanfall was just released to the Xbox One and PC and one player has already managed to reach the game's maximum Generation level on Saturday.

DownTuClown announced on Reddit that he reached Generation 10, the last Generation for Titanfall. Generations are Respawn Entertainment's equivalent to the Call of Duty Prestige levels that resets a players abilities and unlocks after they've reached level 50 and have completed certain challenges.

According to screenshots posted by DownTuClown, it took him three days and nine hours plus 636 games to reach Generation 10. Considering the game was released at 12:00 a.m. on Tuesday, that means he spent nearly every waking moment of the five days planted in front of his computer playing Titanfall.

So what was the experience like?

"The entire playthrough to me was nothing more than a grind," DownTuClown said on Reddit. "Not much different than leveling in a RPG of some kind. It got pretty difficult for me at some points.

"I didn't get to experiment too much with mastering the movement mechanics because I was focused on progression. That's something I'm really interested in. Especially with CTF flag running routes."

That means DownTuClown was focused on completing the various Challenges in the game in order to receive their XP bonuses and level up quickly. Since some of those are of the "Kill 200 Grunts" and "Kill 50 Pilots After Ejecting" variety, it can definitely be a grind.

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