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‘Titanfall’ PC and Xbox One download size compared

‘Titanfall’ PC and Xbox One download size compared
‘Titanfall’ PC and Xbox One download size compared
Electronic Arts

The download sizes for the digital releases of “Titanfall” have been compared. According to a report from Dual Shockers on March 8, the first-person shooting video game requires 16.39 GB of free space to download from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Respawn Entertainment stated that the software product should end up taking approximately 20 GB after installation on the Xbox One.

On the other hand, the PC version requires 21 GB to download, which will increase 49.9 GB during installation. The huge disparity between the file sizes may be due to the computer iteration of “Titanfall” supporting additional languages. The audio file for “Titanfall” on PC weighs in at 35 GB.

The hard drive space may be a concern to some Xbox One owners as the next-generation system only comes with a 500 GB irreplaceable internal storage solution. Additional space will need to be added with external devices as a result.

All video games, including those released on retail discs, have to be installed onto the Xbox One hard drive before being able to boot. With many software products getting more bloated in terms of file sizes, players often have to wait a long time before they could play a game.

“Titanfall” on the PC and Xbox One is due to come out on March 11. Electronic Arts will also release the Xbox 360 version on March 25. You can take a look at some screens from the multiplayer-only first-person shooter in the slideshow located to the left of this article.