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Titanfall multiplayer maxes out at 6 versus 6

MP to be 6vs6
MP to be 6vs6

There is a lot of hype behind the upcoming next-gen title Titanfall. A Twitter user by the name @MrClutch514 reached out to Vince Zampella in regards to the maximum count of players in multiplayer matchups. Vince retweeted to the user with the information below.

@MrClutch514 @Respawn 6v6 is max player count. Turned out to be the best balance with ai for us.

It is hard to believe with these next-gen systems, not to mention PC, that the most that could be pumped out on this game is a total of 12 players online. While it is notable that Gears of War started out with a low player count online, the game was extremely fun. It is a possibility that the matches will be quick and on a small scale, however, with games like Battlefield 4 being able to do amazingly detailed things online with its high player count, 6 vs. 6 is going to be uncalled for from fans. With this being an initial Xbox One exclusive, the A.I. bots will stem from the cloud. If and when Titanfall makes it to PS4, one has to wonder if this player count will be raised.

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