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Titanfall midnight release events

Developed by Respawn
Published by: EA
Multiplayer only
Only for XBoxOne and PC

Standby for Titanfall
Standby for Titanfall
Prepare for Titanfall

Hello fellow Gamers! Standby for Titanfall, retailers around the city of Detroit are preparing for the midnight release of the years most anticipated video game. The hype surrounding Titanfall is only matched by the facts that this game offers an experience like no other mech/war game. With so many stores competing to have the best crowd the promotions surrounding this release are amazing. Gamestop is offering drawings and prizes for those gamers willing to wait from 9pm, when the store closes, until 12 mid night to purchase their copy. The Microsoft store in Somerset mall is hosting a tournament giving winners exclusive merchandise and even a free copy of Titanfall. We are looking forward to see which retailers are going to pull out all the stops to make the release night of this game epic. Standby for Titanfall.

Question of the Day: Are you going out to collect your copy of Titanfall and where are you going?

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