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'Titanfall' map images, modes and regeneration leaked

'Titanfall' Leaked Screenshots-slide0
Reddit user FallenFusion

We're a little more than a week from the release of Titanfall to the Xbox One and PC but screenshots of previously unseen maps leaked Sunday along with news about unannounced modes and features.

The leaked images come from Reddit user FallenFusion and show nine of the rumored 15 maps that will be available when Titanfall launches on Tuesday, March 11. There's also an image of one of the monsters that has been shown in promotional materials though it is unclear if the towering beast will be something that players can interact with or if it merely serves as a backdrop.

The nine maps leaks so far include Lagoon, Colony, Outpost 207, Demeter, Nexus, Airbase, Relix and the already familiar Fracture. Some maps will also make use of heavy turrets designed to take out both Titans as well as soldiers. These turrets can be taken control of by either side of the fight to help dominate a match.

Ziplines are also another feature of some maps that will help players travel around quickly both up and down the line. Other details include a Pilot Hunter gametype where points can only be earned with pilot kills which join the list of Attrition, Capture the Flag, Hardpoint Domination and Last Titan Standing modes.

Finally, Titanfall's version of "Prestiging," where a player reaches the max level in the game and resets back to level, is called "Generations." Players will reset to level and lose all weapons and upgrades that they have unlocked but will retain their Burn Cards. Additionally, they'll receive an XP boost each time they regenerate. The image provided so far indicates that 2nd Generation Pilots will receive a 110 percent XP boost.

You can see leaker FallenFusion's full comments below on the new features as well as the story mode.

PILOT HUNTER Kill the enemy team’s Pilots to reach the score limit and win—one point is awarded for each Pilot killed. Although killing Grunts and Spectres in this mode will not earn points towards your team’s score, doing so will still give you build time reductions on your replacement Titans and Titan Core Ability.

MAPS There are 15 maps. Most of which we know already. I have actual top-down map images and may post them later if demand is high.

TURRETS Heavy turrets are designed for killing everything—including Titans. When used out in the field, they are often braced into position in urban environments atop buildings, and have a considerable range of motion and excellent target tracking systems. Multiple Titans are usually required to disable a single heavy turret by focusing their fire on it. They operate autonomously and, in most cases, can be “flipped” (to fight for the other team) when a nearby console is compromised, often with a Data Knife.

GENERATIONS Thanks to RazorUK we basically know a ton about Generations already, I'll spare the details. But I was given this screenshot of what "Regenerating" actually looks like.

ZIPLINES Ziplines travel both ways, up and down. They're especially helpful in CTF matches and escaping areas quickly. You can attach to it from either end or even while in midair (assuming you're close enough.) You hold the reload button to latch on and ride.

Without spoiling any story details, there are 9 campaign matches, and you can play from each side, IMC and Militia. The matches consist of 5 Attrition & 4 Hardpoint games. Picking each side results in different pre-match briefings and chatter during the battles. There are some surprises which will keep things different from the traditional multiplayer experience.

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