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‘Titanfall’ impact on Xbox One sales compared to ‘inFamous: Second Son’ on PS4

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Keith Noonan has provided some analysis on the biggest video games that will be released in the first half of 2014. According to his report from Daily Finance on Feb. 23, the analyst believed that “Titanfall” will be the most “influential” title.

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He stated that the new intellectual property has the ability to “reshape” the first person shooting genre along with helping the hardware sales of the Xbox One. Microsoft’s new console has been lagging in sales when compared to the PS4. Although “Titanfall” is also coming to the PC and Xbox 360, Keith Noonan thinks that the title should be “instrumental” for the Xbox One in the next-generation console war.

The analyst went on to talk a little bit about “Driveclub” and “inFamous: Second Son.” Although both PS4 exclusive games may end up being good, Keith Noonan still consider that “Titanfall” has better “stature” for the Xbox One.

The first-person shooter will be released for Microsoft’s new console, as well as the PC, on March 11th. The Xbox 360 port should arrive two weeks later on March 25th. You can find some screens of “Titanfall” with the gallery embedded to the left of this article.

“inFamous: Second Son” is due to launch on March 21st while “Driveclub” does not have as official release date. Both PS4 titles will be published by Sony Computer Entertainment.