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‘Titanfall’ has officially gone gold, devs show off Xbox One packaging

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Respawn Entertainment’s highly anticipated mech-based shooter, Titanfall, is scheduled to launch next month and it looks like the game is right on track to meet its March 11 release date after the developer took to their official Twitter account late Wednesday evening to announced that the title has now gone gold.

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When a game has “gone gold,” it means that the product is content complete and ready to be sent for manufacture. Respawn Entertainment accompanied the announcement with a picture showing off a boxed copy of Titanfall as will appear in stores this March. The version of the game, as it exists now, is the same version that is now being mass produced.

Titanfall launches as a console exclusive for the Xbox One. The game will also launch as a PC title only accessible through EA’s Origin service. A last-gen version will also become available on the Xbox 360 at a later day. Titanfall doesn’t include a single-play campaign in an effort to focus entirely on competitive multiplayer gameplay. Two teams of six will face-off against each other. When not piloting their very own giant mechs, player will be able to maneuver throughout the maps using stealth and unique wall-running abilities.

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