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'Titanfall' gets a 5-Hour Energy cross-promotion

'Titanfall' 5-Hour Energy
'Titanfall' 5-Hour Energy
Titanfall and 5-Hour Energy a cross-promotion made in heaven? (

Fresh off a revelation that one Titanfall player spent every waking moment to reach the maximum Generation level comes news Monday that a cross-promotion has been set up between the game and the energy shot drink, 5-Hour Energy.

The 5-Hour Energy Titanfall special cross-promotion is available now at Walmart stores to "celebrate the launch of the wildly popular game," according to a Living Essentials press release e-mailed to this Examiner.

Cross-promotions between games and high caffeine and high sugar energy drinks such as Red Bull and Monster Energy Drinks is nothing new. It's not uncommon to see these drinks along with Mountain Dew featured heavily in advertising, especially at eSports events. However, 5-Hour Energy claims to be a sugar free energy shot composed of vitamins and other ingredients but also a high dose of caffeine.

Reports indicate that the amount of caffeine in single shots is upwards of 215 milligrams. By comparison, your average cup of coffee contains between 90 and 200 milligrams of caffeine while Monster Energy drinks hits 160 milligrams.

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