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'Titanfall' Frontier's Edge now available

New downloadable content is now available for Respawn Entertainment's smash hit game, Titanfall. The new DLC pack goes by the name of Frontiers Edge and comes with three new levels: Dig Site, Export and Haven.

Titanfall Frontier;s edge promo art

Along with the new stages, the new DLC pack also brings new achievements that can be completed in the new stages. The new achievements thus far are as follows:

• "Haven Victor" is awarded when a player wins a single match on the Haven stage.

• "Haven Connoisseur" is awarded once every game mode is played on the Haven stage.

• "Executioner" is attained upon taking down two Titans in a single match on Haven.

• "Overkill" is awarded to a played that defeats 15 Titans with the use of a Titan burn card on Haven.

• "Export Victor" is awarded once someone wins a match on the Export stage.

• "Export Connoisseur" is awarded to those who win a single match while playing on the Export Stage.

• "It's a Trap!" comes when a player uses the trap in the Export stage to take out at least one pilot.

• "Hidden Export" is awarded to those who take out 15 other pilots while cloaked on Export.

• "Dig Site Victor" is attained when a player wins a match on Dig Site.

• "Dig Site Connoisseur" is achieved once every game type is played on the Dig Site stage.

• "Dirt Nap" is given to those who eliminate 12 pilots in a single match while playing on Dig Site.

• "Gravesite" is achieved once a player decimates 50 pilots while playing on Dig Site.

Titanfall's new DLC pack, Frontier's Edge, is available now for the XBOX One on the XBOX Live store and for PC on the Origin online shop for $9.99. Gamers on the XBOX 360 will have to wait until a later date in order to download the new content.

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