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'Titanfall' for Xbox 360 confirmed to run 'above 30 fps' with same features

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The Xbox 360 version of Titanfall has been a puzzle wrapped in an enigma since the game was first announced to be coming to the last-gen platform along with the Xbox One and PC. Here it is the Friday before the game's release and it has still not been shown off publicly, for example. However, Bluepoint Games provided some confirmation on what to expect when it is released on Tuesday, April 8.

"Titanfall on the Xbox 360 is the true experience: all the maps, modes, pilots, titans, weapons, burn cards, you name it, found in the Xbox One and PC versions," Daryl Allison, Sr. Producer at Bluepoint Games, wrote on the official Titanfall website.

"The game looks great, sounds great, and above all it plays great. There are of course some technical differences that are due to the technical limitations of the hardware – for example, the game runs above 30fps - but rest assured, the intense 6v6 wall-running, titan dropping action is all there," he said.

Still, the fact that Electronic Arts, Respawn Entertainment or Microsoft has not yet shared any imagery or footage of Titanfall on the Xbox 360 is cause for concern. Bluepoint Games has an excellent reputation for handling ports but it looks gamers may have a strong reason to not jump in with this version of the game at release.

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