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'Titanfall: Expedition' War Games map is mix of four different map styles

'Titanfall: Expedition' War Games Screenshots-slide0
Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment, used with permission

Respawn Entertainment introduced Thursday one of the new maps coming to “Titanfall” in May with the “Expedtion” map pack. “War Games” is the first map to officially be shown for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC shooter. It uses the cover of a virtual reality simulation to combine elements from the “Angel City”, “Rise” and “Airbase Sierra” maps.

“War Games” comes with different themed areas that serve as hardpoints on the map. In between these hardpoints are smooth, featureless areas similar to the training mission rooms from the beginning of the game.

The IMC start off in the “Airbase Sierra” themed building while the Militia begin in the nighttime themed “Angel City” portion. In between is the middle tower based off “Rise” with small interior rooms and a high wallrun path.

The in-between sections modeled after the training simulator feature brightly colored force fields that players can use to wallrun, as well. These training simulator themed sections are also a benefit to Titans according to Respawn designer Jason McCord.

“I wanted to use the clean simulator style to give Titans a more competitive field for Last Titan Standing,” he explained. “On the outskirts of the level, paintball style fields are designed clutter-free to make enemies easy to spot and paths easy to discern. Titan spawn points push players into these areas, while also allowing flanking Titans to travel through the center of the map.”

There are two other maps coming to the “Expedition” DLC pack. They are “Swampland” and “Runoff”.

Titanfall: Expedition” will be released this May to all platforms for $9.99 or as part of the Season Pass which is sold for $24.99. Free new game modes like Wingman LTS are planned as well as a new set of Burn Cards. An exact release date for the DLC or the accompanying patch has not been announced yet.

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