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'Titanfall: Expedition' trailer unleashed along with Game Update 3 details

Respawn Entertainment decided to do a “Titanfall” blow out of sorts on Monday. The “Expedition” DLC got its first look in action via a gameplay trailer and Twitch livestream while the details for Game Update 3 were revealed with details like PC players being able to unlock frame rates and the removal of the ability to drop a Titan on a dropship.

The “Titanfall: Expedition” DLC trailer runs through all three of the maps included in the pack – “Swampland,” “Runoff” and “Wargames.” As its names for each suggest, “Swampland” features trees that can be used for wall running and hopping, lots of water and zip vines. “Runoff” is set in a water treatment facility with three different levels of gameplay including canals. Meanwhile, “Wargames” is based on the training simulator that players run through as the tutorial for the game with a map that combine elements from the “Angel City”, “Rise” and “Airbase Sierra” maps.

A release date for “Expedition” has not been given yet but it is expected in May for the Xbox One and PC while “Titanfall” on the Xbox 360 will receive it in June. The DLC costs $9.99 by itself but comes with the $24.99 Season Pass.

The details on Game Update 3 confirm that players will now be able to name custom loadouts for both Pilots and Titans. Additionally, two dedicated custom loadouts are being added per game mode. Each will be unlocked after playing a game mode five and ten times respectively.

Custom private match settings are also being added for the first time to “Titanfall.” Players will be able to tweak settings like score limit, time limit, AI lethality, AI types, pilot health, pilot ammo, Titan first build time, Titan rebuild time and other settings. These can be used for private matches with friends to set up individual games and tournaments.

The PC received some new features such as support for refresh rates up to 114 frames per second. New Scoreboard Control binding were added as well so that players can mute others. The Xbox One merely added a new chat icon to show when a player is in a party chat.

For gameplay balance changes, you’ll no longer be able to drop a Titan on the losing team’s dropship while they are attempting to escape. “Dropping your Titan on the evacuation ship was not an intended behavior,” Respawn Entertainment says.

There are other balance changes as well including more damage from Nuclear Ejections and improvements to what the Titan’s dome shield will protect it from. Again though, no release date has been announced for Game Update 3. There were also no details on the free new game modes that were previously announced to be coming.

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