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'Titanfall: Expedition' DLC coming in May plus free content update too

Titanfall: Expedition
Titanfall: Expedition
Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment, used with permission

At a PAX East panel on Saturday, Respawn Entertainment officially announced the first DLC add-on for “Titanfall on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. Players will be able to drop their Titans down in a new campaign featuring three new maps this May. Some new modes and features will also becoming thanks to yet another free update to the game.

“Titanfall: Expedition” will be released this May to all platforms for $9.99 or as part of the Season Pass which is sold for $24.99. An exact release date for the DLC or the accompanying patch has not been announced yet.

The DLC takes place after the main campaign in “Titanfall” as the “IMC Expeditionatry forces travel deep into Frontier space to recover from their recent defeat,” according to the announcement on the game’s official website. The IMC discover an ancient ruins of an unknown origin in a swamp nearby a new base of operations that kicks off a new round of fighting between the corporate held group and the Militia.

“Expedition” comes with three maps – Swampland, Runoff and Wargames. As its name suggests, Swampland is the impetus of the campaign and features trees, lots of water and zip vines. Runoff, will contains lots of pipes and water while Wargames is based on the training simulator that players run through as the tutorial for the game.

Those pining for free new game modes and content will be happy as well. Respawn Entertainment will be introducing Wingman LTS, a two-versus-two version of Last Titan Standing, plus some new burn cards.

A spectator mode is also in development as well as the ability to disable to the HUD and even the ability to create custom Titan decals. One interesting idea to crop up from the developer during their PAX presentation was the ability to join the matches of other games by using Twitter-like hashtags. Other variants of existing game modes are also on the way.

Respawn Entertainment recently released a patch to Titanfall that adds private matches and revealed other changes coming via title updates in the future as well. This includes the ability for players to change the name of their loadouts along with gameplay balancing.

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