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‘Titanfall’ exclusivity deal, online servers and sales impact discussed

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Timothy Green has made some comments in regards to the upcoming “Titanfall” video game from Electronic Arts. According to a report from Daily Finance on Jan. 11, the analyst believed that the use of the Azure cloud servers should help alleviate concerns that plagued “Battlefield 4” and “SimCity.”

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The service is being offered by Microsoft at a discounted price to developers, giving the teams an opportunity to pass on specific computation tasks. Timothy Green thinks that this may give a big advantage to the Xbox One over the PS4 although it is ultimately up to the companies to use the feature. He also noted the Azure cloud servers meant that “Titanfall” will remain a next-generation console exclusive.

The analyst thinks that the first-person shooting game will do well in terms of sales as it should be a “much-needed exclusive for Microsoft.” The video game could end up being the next “Halo” for the console manufacturer since it may drive hardware sales for the Xbox One.

Electronic Arts won’t benefit as much, however. The recent controversies surrounding “Battlefield 4” and “SimCity” have hurt the reputation of the publisher so much that the company will have a hard time recovering this year even with the release of “Titanfall.”

The new intellectual property will be shipping on March 11th for the PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. You can check out a few screens in the gallery on the left side of this article.