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‘Titanfall’ DLC is currently in development

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Respawn Entertainment has already confirmed that their upcoming mech-based combat game, Titanfall, won’t offer microtransaction sales on top of the initial cost for the game. However, as VG247 reported on Jan 28, the developer is already developing DLC for the title. The existence of upcoming add-ons for Titanfall after Electronic Arts announced their third quarter financial results.

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EA, the publisher of Titanfall, noted that the game is expected to continually grow revenue over the next year. Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson stated during the earnings conference call that after the initial release of Titanfall, post-launch DLC offerings will generate more sales.

Titanfall launches only for the Xbox One and PC on Mar 11. The game will allow two teams of six to battle against each other in multiplayer matches as the title won’t support a single-player mode. Titanfall will also feature dedicated servers that will cloud game processes to all players. This will allow the game to handle all physics on the server rather than locally. Each map will also be populated further by additional computer-controlled bots. The dedicated server will also be used to process their AI in addition to the AI of each person’s Titan as the mechs will follow players around when they aren’t actively being piloted.

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