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‘Titanfall’ DLC, dinosaurs, season pass and split-screen discussed

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The developer of “Titanfall” has provided some comments in regards to potential new DLC products for the upcoming multiplatform video game. According to a report from GameSpot on Feb. 28, the studio confirmed that the season pass and split-screen features won’t be added to the first-person shooter.

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The season pass is designed for players to acquire all upcoming DLC packs, usually at a discount, at once. The split-screen local multiplayer was referenced in the beta files of “Titanfall,” suggesting that Respawn Entertainment may have been planning to add support for that particular mode at some time.

On the other hand, the development team is most likely including dinosaurs and other types of monsters in “Titanfall.” Several artworks, along with a teaser message, were shown in the official art book of the software product. You can find a few screens featuring the new intellectual property from Electronic Arts in the slideshow located to the left side of this article and the comments from the Steve Fukuda (the director of the project) regarding the inclusion of dinosaurs below:

Wall running ninjas? Check. Giant robots? Check. Warping spaceships? Check. Dinosaurs? Of course.

Electronic Arts already confirmed that DLC packs and in development for “Titanfall,” which will be released first for the PC and Xbox One on March 11th. The Xbox 360 version of the first-person shooter has been slightly postponed with a new launch date on March 25th.