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‘Titanfall’ developer wants to make a technically sound game that runs at 60 FPS

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Respawn Entertainment wants Titanfall, their upcoming Xbox One and Xbox 360 exclusive that combines on-foot action with giant mech combat, to be equally entertaining as it is technically impressive. Speaking to OXM on Jan 16, Respawn programmer Jon Shiring revealed that the developer hopes to achieve these two goals through the use of dedicated cloud servers.

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Shiring admitted that Respawn Entertainment’s small team size requires the developer to spend their time wisely. This means that the team thought hard before deciding to add, or omit, any feature in Titanfall. This means that each individual part of the game must fit certain criteria that Respawn deems to be both entertaining and technically sound. For instance, the game must be fun to play but still be able to handle 60 frames per second.

To accomplish this, Respawn is shifting a large portion of the game’s processes to the cloud. Rather than having the multiplayer select a single player as host while everyone else pings off of their connection, Titanfall will feature its own dedicated servers that will feature cloud support. This will allow the game to run all of the game’s systems, from bullet physics to A.I., straight on the server itself and then stream the data to each player. This is how each person’s Titan can used advanced A.I. to follow players around even when they aren’t piloting them.

Titanfall will launch as a console exclusive title on both Xbox One and Xbox 360. However, the game will also release on PC. The game will come out for all three systems in the spring of 2014.

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