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‘Titanfall’ developer responds to price and single player complaints

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Abbie Heppe has responded to a few complaints in regards to the upcoming multiplatform video game, “Titanfall.” According to a report from Gamepur on Jan. 25, a fan expressed his discontent with the first-person shooter being a multiplayer-only title. He wondered why the Electronic Arts publishing company is charging a full price.

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Abbie Heppe responded by saying that the new intellectual property is “still a full fledged game.” Although there is no traditional single-player campaign, the community manager re-confirmed the inclusion of a campaign multiplayer mode that comes with “more story elements.” You can check out several “Titanfall” screenshots in the slideshow located to the left of this article and the response below:

There is a campaign multiplayer mode that has more story elements than the classic MP modes.

The multiplayer mode of “Titanfall” has also undergone from scrutiny in recent weeks. Respawn Entertainment confirmed that the player count has been reduced from 14 players to just 12, reassuring fans that the changes were implemented in order to improve on the game’s quality. Along with human participants, the battlefields in the first-person shooter also include computer-controlled soldiers and giant bi-pedal war machines.

Electronic Arts will be releasing “Titanfall” to retailers and through the Xbox Live Marketplace on March 11th. In addition to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, the game is also coming to the PC platform.