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‘Titanfall’ developer prepares to deal with cheaters

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As can be expected in any online game, cheaters have been discovered in Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall which released earlier this week on Xbox One and PC. According to a report by Gamespot on Thursday, the developer is now warning players who are utilizing known cheating tools that they are now beginning to search for such activity to put a stop to it.

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Taking to their official Twitter account on March 13, Respawn promised to deal with all Titanfall cheaters soon.

Finding cheaters in Titanfall? So are we. We're logging them now and they will be rooted out shortly.

Gamespot stated that is unclear if one version of the game is seeing a higher concentration of cheater or if they are evenly spread between the two. Titanfall is now available on Xbox One and PC. An Xbox 360 version of the game will also launch at a later date. The game doesn’t include a single-player mode, choosing instead to focus entirely on multiplayer combat which pits two teams of six players against one another. In addition to the usual arsenal of weaponry that are at a player’s disposal within first-person shooters, Respawn Entertainment's recent release also allows gamers to call their very own mech into play which they can pilot into battle.

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