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‘TitanFall’ developer discusses using Xbox One cloud servers

‘TitanFall’ developer discusses using Xbox One cloud servers
‘TitanFall’ developer discusses using Xbox One cloud servers
Electronic Arts

Jon Shiring has talked a little bit of the Xbox One cloud server functionalities of the upcoming video game, “TitanFall.” According to a report from The Official Xbox Magazine on Jan. 2, the software engineer at Respawn Entertainment explained some of the benefits of using the free dedicated servers that were provided by Microsoft.

He disclosed that the development team uses the extra bandwidth in order to “build a world with moving objects” along with working on the artificial intelligence. You can find some screenshots of the first-person shooter in the slideshow located to the left of this article and the comments below:

The extra bandwidth is what lets us build a world with moving objects, and the available CPU is what lets us do things like AI. It's not just a bullet flying through the air and moving and causing network data, it's an actual AI that's making decisions and trying to shoot at things and looking around.

Jon Shiring went on to mention that the computer enemies in the game will provide plenty of experience points to players. They can also be converted to be used as squad members against the opposition.

Due to the Xbox One cloud server features, “TitanFall” will need an online connection in order to be played. The first-person shooting video game does not have a traditional single-player campaign.

“TitanFall” is being released by Electronic Arts on March 11th for the PC and Xbox 360 as well as the aforesaid Xbox One. The software product is being developed at the aforementioned Respawn Entertainment by some of the same core members that worked on “Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare” and “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.”