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‘Titanfall’ dev tweaks the matchmaking changes from the game’s last title update

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A recent update to Titanfall made changes to the game’s matchmaking system in an effort to allow players to see a larger variety of players as Respawn Entertainment wanted to make sure that gamers didn’t get stuck in routines where they were stuck playing both with and against the same set of people. However, it appears that the matchmaking changes were slightly too strict and caused some players to have trouble finding matches as the developer announced on April 7 that they have now further adjusted the matchmaking changes and have plans to further tweak the system in the future.

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FYI: we turned down the effect of the new matchmaking to help players find games while we work on fixing bugs and making improvements

Before the matchmaking update, Titanfall players were always kept in a circuit where they played the same match with the same set of other players. Respawn found this unfavorable because it generally led to one team always winning and the other always losing with no way to break the cycle as the teams were unchanging. A recent update altered to system to force teams to be broken up periodically to avoid this issue. However, those matchmaking tweaks have now been lessened due to unexpected issues while the developer looks to find a better solution.

Titanfall is out now on Xbox One and PC. With no single-player mode, the game pits two teams of six against each other. However, each player also has his own mech which he can call into combat. Once deployed, fans can either pilot their Titan or have it follow and guard them while they remain of foot.