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'Titanfall' crashes 'Xbox Live' , servers on PC platform

'Titanfall' brought down Microsoft's “Xbox Live” for about six hours last night, as the first major release for “Xbox One” this year shut down, according to a March 12 report in the Inquirer.

During the outage, some players took to “Twitter” to vent their frustration. Finally, after about six hours, “Xbox Support” tweeted “"Thanks for your patience, Xbox Live is good to go."

As of this morning though some “Xbox Live” players are still have problems and the solution seems to be to unplug the “Xbox One” system, count to ten, and then reboot as instructed by the system's Alert Status.

Meanwhile, Softpedia reports this morning (March 12), that the PC version of “Titanfall” has also crashed, with many players receiving a “Lost Connection to Server” message after being unable to access the multiplayer servers by way of the Origin service.

According to a report in Now Gamer (March 12), Electronic Arts (EA) and the developer Respawn are aware of this 503 error on the PC platform and are investigating its cause. There are no fixes available yet, so, like the issue yesterday with “Xbox Live”, “Titanfall” play is on hold (in this case for the PC).

“Titanfall” was just released yesterday with all the hype that the first release of a major gaming system generates. Microsoft is hoping “Titanfall” becomes popular enough to help Microsoft sell many more of its “Xbox One” gaming consoles. In fact, Microsoft is essentially giving “Titanfall” away free (in a bundle) with the purchase of an “Xbox One”.

“Titanfall” is a first-person shooter that puts players directly in the action—either on foot or piloting a huge robot, called a titan. “Titanfall” runs on “Xbox One”, the PC and, in a few weeks, “Xbox 360”. “Titanfall” is at its heart a multiplayer game that requires an Internet connection. That's why when “Xbox Live” went down for six hours yesterday and players on PCs are receiving the “Lost Connection to Server” message this morning, it is devastating to players.

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