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‘TitanFall’ controller layout details revealed for Xbox One

‘TitanFall’ controller layout details revealed for Xbox One
‘TitanFall’ controller layout details revealed for Xbox One
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A member of the development team at Respawn Entertainment has provided some details on the controller layout for the Xbox One version of the forthcoming multiplatform video game, “TitanFall.” According to a report from Stick Skills on Jan. 3, the representative disclosed that the first-person shooting title features multiple setups.

The different layouts are to accommodate the style of play from a participant in the competitive scene. Among the ones that have been confirmed so far include the popular Bumper Jumper and Tactical setups.

The same representative also hinted at a layout that switches the crouch and melee buttons while another one will map jumping to a bumper on the Xbox One controller. You can take a look at some “TitanFall” screenshots in the gallery to the left of the article and his comment below:

There is a layout with melee and crouch swapped, as well as a variant that allows for jumping on a bumper.

Since the Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers have similar button placements, the layouts should also apply to the current-generation version of the software product. The PC version will most likely support the same configurations as well.

“TitanFall” is expected to be one of the best-selling video games for the first part of 2014. The video game is slated to come out on March 11th on the PC platform along with the two Xbox consoles. It won’t be coming out on the PS3, PS4 and other platforms.