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‘Titanfall’ Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter multiplayer details leaked

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All of the game modes have apparently been leaked for “Titanfall.” According to a report from VG247 on March 3, the first-person shooting title is expected to launch with five match types.

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Three of the modes were already playable in the multiplayer beta, which was made available for PC and Xbox One players. Attrition is a normal Deatchmatch type for “Titanfall” while Hardpoint Domination is a based on the King of the Hill modes where players must capture and hold off enemies at specific locations on the map. Finally, Last Titan Standing is an elimination-based battle where you must eliminate all of the giant bi-pedal walking machines from the opposing faction.

The final version of the video game also includes Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter. The latter is a special mode in which a player can only score by killing the other human-controlled character. However, the amount of wait time for calling in the giant bi-pedal walking machines can be reduced by killing the computer-controlled grunts and specters on the battlefield.

Respawn Entertainment could theoretically add more modes to “Titanfall” through DLC releases. The studio has already confirmed that several expansions are in development for the multiplatform video game.

“Titanfall” is coming first to the PC and Xbox One systems on March 11th in the United States. The product will then be released for the Xbox 360 on March 25th. You can find a selection of screens from the video game that is published by Electronic Arts with the slideshow gallery located to the left of the article.