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'Titanfall' beta sign-ups for Xbox One and PC now live

The Titanfall beta is very near. (Respawn Entertainment)

Respawn Entertainment is now accepting beta applications for the Titanfall beta test that will be starting soon on the Xbox One and PC.

Head over to the official Titanfall website where all that is needed to sign-up for the beta is an email address, birth date and agreement to the beta terms and conditions.

Beta sign-ups will remain open through Friday, Feb. 14 until 7 p.m. EST / 4 p.m. EST. Notifications will be coming soon but the latest confirmations will arrive is Monday, Feb. 17.

According to the official FAQ, a pre-order of Titanfall is not required and the beta "represents a small slice of the game's content." Additionally, only English text and audio will be available though the beta will be available around the world.

Respawn has confirmed that sharing images and video from the beta is okay.

Those hoping for an Xbox 360 beta should hold that thought as the FAQ states that there are no plans for a beta on the last-gen console.

Titanfall is currently set for a March 11 release to the Xbox One and PC with the Xbox 360 version coming March 25.

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