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'Titanfall' beta open to all Xbox One users, PC users joining the crowd soon

Turns out winning the "Titanfall" beta lottery wasn't all that important after all. Late Saturday night, the game's developer Respawn decided that it was time to open the beta to all Xbox One users, instead of the select few who had registered and been selected through a lottery process.

Titanfall Beta is wide open for Xbox One Users

The closed beta officially kicked off on Friday night and did experience some technical troubles not long after it launched. It appears that Microsoft and Respawn were able to correct whatever glitches were causing the game the servers to fail to an extent that they wanted to put the beta under a greater stress test.

Respawn founder Vince Zampella announced the floodgates opening early in the evening on Twitter and it wasn't long before those who were left out in the cold were able to climb into their mechs and start blasting away. Not surprsingly, most people are very impressed with what they are getting from "Titanfall" but the game seems to be teetering on the brink of being overhyped.

Its possible EA and Respawn decided they could tamp down some of the backlash if they just went ahead and let any Xbox One user who wanted to get a look at the game ... get a look. Those gamers who want to be able to blast mechanical walkers to pieces on a platform will apparently not have to wait too long. Zampella added that he believed the open beta would be extended to PC users sometime on Sunday.

The betas are expected to end on February 18 so PC gamers won't be able to get a long look at the title but they'll at least be able to see some of what they can expect when "Titanfall" officially hits store shelves in March.

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