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Titanfall and open beta testing on consoles

Will Respawn Entertainment inspire other developers with the new open phase of the Titanfall Beta?

Soldier riding atop a titan. This image accompanied the announcement of the Titanfall Beta being opened to everyone.
Respawn Entertainment,
Titanfall launches March 11th
Respawn Entertainment & EA

On February 15th, Respawn Entertainment announced that it had opened up the Titanfall Beta to everyone through Xbox One (Respawn Entertainment, 2014). The Titanfall beta client is available through the demos section of Xbox LIVE. The game is set to officially launch on March 11th, and with primary testing already complete, the open beta test will serve as a stress test for the servers. It is an opportunity to flush out any remaining issues and provide some last minute promotion for a game that has already been hyped for months.

Since its announcement during the Xbox Global Media Briefing at E3 2013, Titanfall has been touted as one of the marquee titles for the Xbox One. Things have been relatively quiet since the hectic weeks heading into and following the console’s release on November 23rd, but Titanfall promises to rejuvenate the Xbox One and perhaps convince more Xbox fans to finally make the jump. However, while pending launch is exciting in its own right, the Titanfall Beta could also be a sign of things to come.

Demos of new games on consoles have become commonplace over the years, but open beta testing is typically relegated to the PC environment. By opening up the Titanfall Beta, Respawn Entertainment offers Xbox One fans a truer sense of how the full game will play and how it will work over Xbox LIVE. Rather than have to be satisfied with a stripped down demo that can be completed in one sitting, Titanfall Beta participants will be able to enjoy most of what Titanfall has to offer without purchase. After all, beta tests are conducted to tie up loose ends and exorcise problems that could greatly hurt the gamer experience, so developers have little reason to limit what players can do. Depending on the success of the Titanfall open beta, more developers might follow suit and make Xbox LIVE that much more exciting during the long wait until launch.


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